Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Six Evocative Sentences

Can 6 evocative sentences capture the imagination? Without further ado, I present 6-sentence snippets from each of my novels.

Six from The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 1 Ashkerwhetasu)
Setting the Stage: Ash, an immortal Native American shaman, has recently entered the modern world. Here, quite unexpectedly, he ends up kissing Livie in the restaurant parking lot after a dinner date. Never exposed to beer before, Ash is a little tipsy.

His lovely dark eyes sought hers and the passionate yearning reflected there made her feel dizzy with want. He spoke in his language again and she shook her head, not understanding. He smiled, picked up her hand and kissed her palm. Closing her fingers around the kiss as though it were a tangible thing, he told her, "You make me burn for you Livie, but this is not the place to love you as you deserve."

Not knowing how to respond, she took a breath and let it out slowly. If not for the fact she barely knew him, she'd ask him to come home and finish what he'd started, inebriated or not. 

Six from The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 2 Eluwilussit)
Setting the Stage: Cora asks Ash to show John's family what he looked like when Livi hit him with her car. The Redleaf's are stunned to see this venerated shaman of lore shape-shift.
A small brown snake slithered to the top of the pile of clothes. Winston took a step backward in a dog’s natural wariness of snakes. Suddenly the snake became a fat field mouse, then the mouse shifted into a small rabbit. Ears reducing, the rabbit became a skunk then quick as a wink it became a coyote. The coyote’s snout and legs lengthened and the wolf with the unusual markings took its place. He sat and gave them a very wolfish grin.

Six from Loving Leonardo
Setting the Stage: Nicolas and Ellie invite Luca to discuss Leonardo da Vinci, and realize they have more than one interest in common.

I believe we were all aware of a sexual tension growing in the intellectual-rich loam. There were little things at play now: the way Ellie moistened her lips and looked at us with eyes that lingered from one to the other. The way Luca's irises had darkened from snow shadow to moon shadow as he looked upon her. The way I'd catch myself with a reminder to breathe as my eye was drawn to these small distinctions. Like da Vinci's sfumato, our mutual attraction hung in the air, and I was struck by the notion that the smoky quality depicted in his art was desire. Desire like this.

Six from Loving Leonardo - The Quest (coming April 2013)

Setting the Stage: Nicolas and Ellie invite Luca decide to follow the clues in Leonardo da Vinci's book. Heading to Paris, they pass the Strait of Gibraltar and fall into a substantial North Atlantic storm. Seasick and miserable, Nicolas ponders his growing unease as his companions enjoy the storm.

In my opinion, Prospero himself would have found this passing too much, but they stood at the rail outlined by the pending wrath of Neptune and thoroughly enjoyed the wild wind and roiling waves. Conversely, I clung to my cushion and damp washcloth. Although the balcony possessed a high lattice to keep guests from tumbling into the drink, I felt an honest fear that had nothing whatsoever to do with the storm. I hadn’t voiced it to either of them, but I felt an increasing sense of unease, an unaccountable prickling at the nape of my neck as if something terrible was about to happen. I’d had several nightmares since Ellie’s abduction and Luca’s encounter with the fanatical Bruno. There were disturbing phantoms that jarred me awake and left me unsettled.
Six from Dreamscape
Setting the Stage: In her waking world, Lanie knows Jason Bowen as the Victorian era ghost who haunts her house. At this point in the story, she's entered her dream world, a world where Jason is very much alive and well in his time. In one world she loves a ghost and feels the hopelessness of that fact, in the other she loves a man doomed to die.

His eyes searched hers. He needed her to know. "I will love you through time. I will love you in your dreams and in the waking world. No matter what happens, no matter when." His lips found hers, and kissed her sweetly.

Six from Hermes Online
Setting the Stage: Vivienne receives an email from an enigmatic man known only as S. Together they embark upon the world of anonymous Internet communication.

They were only words, weren't they? If so then why could I see it, why could I feel this so acutely? I clicked send and waited.
"You've got mail" burst forth from the speakers. I discovered I had been conditioned to have an autonomic response to seeing the envelope and hearing the computerized words. Like Pavlov's dog, I began to salivate.



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