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Day 2 in the Caliente Blog Hop!

It's day 2 in the Caliente Blog Hop! 
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In keeping with my 6 books in 6 days theme, today my post is from my latest release, Loving Leonardo - The Quest.

Setting the Stage:
Lovers Nicolas, Ellie, and Luca amuse themselves aboard ship on their way to Paris.

Caliente Excerpt:

Coming directly from his bath, Luca joined us about an hour later as shiny as a new penny and as handsome as always. For the better part of that hour, Ellie stood near the stove fluffing her wild mane in an attempt to get it dry enough to take a brush to. Knowing these two as I did, I counted the seconds until Luca asked her if she needed assistance. He loved her wild curls as much as I did. Sisal rope or Ellie’s hair, the man could braid.

We’d learned Luca possessed a fair aptitude for plaits and sailor’s knots, a skill learned at his grandfather’s knee. After all, the Francos had been sailing the seas for centuries. It also helped that he had younger sisters and regularly helped them set their hair. No small feat that. His sisters each had hair that fell below their knees when unbound. A fact I’d seen for myself when we’d stayed at Luca’s family home. With her midnight locks unbound, Carmela, the younger of his two sisters, could have sat as a model for the American Impressionist James Carroll Beckwith.

Sure enough, Ellie handed over the hairbrush. I watched Luca work the boar bristles through the mass with a dreamy look on his face. How could such a simple thing make me stiff? My smile widened. I knew why. Whenever Luca touched Ellie’s hair, he transformed into a child with a new toy. From time to time he’d bite his lip in concentration or his tongue would poke out ever so slightly. In our moments of passion, he’d occasionally close his eyes and gather the silken mass in his hands and run the bounty over his bare chest or mine. Within moments, he fashioned for her a cinnamon plait as thick as my wrist and tied up the end in the ribbon she’d handed over her shoulder. Ellie didn’t see him raise the braid to his lips. But I did. Sitting there in my loosely-tied robe as I was, my cock made a grand showing.

He’d seen my arousal but Ellie hadn’t. Meeting his eye, I silently mouthed, “Come to me.” He gave me an engaging wink over the top of her head. Instead of coming to me, the tease moistened his lips with his tongue and shook his head. Then taking Ellie’s hands, he bid her rise. He enfolded her in his arms, and wound the braid into his large hand. When he kissed her deeply, he also kissed my mind through her. And heaven help me, I felt it keenly.

When he released her, Ellie said, “Oh my.” She turned to me with lovely cheeks painted in that informative blush of hers that declared she wanted loving. Seeing my erection, she cocked a brow at me. I shrugged, pretending I couldn’t imagine why I was hard. Her lips twitched when she cast me a dubious eye. Caught like a canary-eating cat, I tipped my head toward Luca. Her delight was instantaneous. She hooked her arm through his and held out her hand to me. “Well, come along then. You might as well be comfortable while you watch us.”

I loved her matter-of-fact decisiveness and the way she lived her life without pretense. She wanted me teased, and by god she was going to have it. There was nothing to do but follow. Clothing stripped away among the kisses, I watched my lovers sprawl on the bed side by side and continue what began in the outer room. Seeing open opportunity, I crawled between them. While they busied themselves with hand and lips and dancing tongues, I found other amusements. I nuzzled and tasted, sucked and lapped, just enough to make them want more. Three could play the tease.

Apparently I’d teased enough because Luca said something in husky Italian. Ellie, the budding polyglot replied, “Yes, I think you should.”

Next I knew, he grabbed me. Ellie squealed and scrambled to the top of the bed lest she be caught up in the tangle of arms and legs. He pinned me down and kissed me hard. I made a bid for freedom and he flipped me to my belly with one wrist trapped under my weight and the other held by him. His cock positioned itself along the split of my rear as his teeth left sharp exclamation points across my shoulders and neck. He spoke hotly at my ear, “Non giocare con me mio amore. Otterrai più di questo.”

I could sense Ellie’s delight. I sought her out but she’d left the bed in our fray.

I struggled to turn over under his weight and laughingly huffed, “You have me…at a disadvantage. My Italian…has yet… to refine…itself.”

He chuckled and whispered passionately at my cheek. “I said, do not play games with me carissimi. You will get more than this.” He emphasized this by pressing his hips forward and thus pressing my lower half to the mattress with his own. His balls were hot against mine.

Lord, I wanted him. I laughingly taunted him. This was exactly what I craved in that moment of raw animal power.

I knew my wife enjoyed when he and I wrestled. She often said it reminded her of artworks from ancient Greece. Turning in her direction, I laughed when my eyes found her. Following my gaze, Luca joined me. And what did we see? A most adorable goddess from Mount Olympus had come to watch our game. Having seen potential in our antics, Ellie borrowed the silk leaves from the ship’s flower decorations and adorned herself with laurels. It was clear the minx wanted more.

Distracted, I allowed my body to relax. Luca released my pinned wrists. That shift was all I needed. Rolling over, I took him with me. He attempted to regain the upper hand. On Ellie’s theme, we wrestled like the Olympians and enacted several of the more athletic poses famously captured in marble. My years of tussling with Thomas gave me advantage over my beautiful opponent, and I soon had him doubled over on his knees. My teasing hand circled his cock and stroked him slowly. I whispered in his ear, “I’ll tease you until you beg for more, mio amore.” That much Italian I was sure of.

He struggled again and I redoubled my efforts. I knew I had him when my pumping hand grew wet with his excitement. To feel him relax in total surrender made my cock so hard I felt every throb of my heart in it. I nearly shot my mettle when he said, “I’m begging now.”

I turned to Ellie, who sat hotly observing. “What say you, Goddess?”

Biting back the smile that still danced in her eyes, she ceremoniously gave Luca a downward thumb. Releasing him, I lay back and waited. He treated me to the most exquisite sucking while my fingers ran through ebony strands as soft as ermine. It was I who surrendered. Driven near to madness, my fingers curled roughly into his hair to allow the exquisite glide to chase hard and fast along teeth and tongue. The brief reflexive tightening of his body before he yielded hurled me over the precipice. He must have sensed it, for he redoubled his efforts. My spunk shot like a canon blast, the release made glorious by his throaty moans and muffled swallows. Before my blood cooled and I knew what was happening, I found our positions reversed. I looked to her as he pressed his cock into my mouth. There was no mercy in those pale blue eyes, only heat. When I’d drained him fully, she came to us and lay between. The nymph had her own arousal to see to. For the remaining hour, Luca and I lost ourselves in her secret places. When she writhed, we loved her in tandem. It wasn’t long before her climax blazed into being. Unbelievably, when her first crescendo ended, she called for another. It took Herculean effort on our part. The Goddess was insatiable in her amusements.


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