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Day 4 in the Caliente Blog Hop!

It's day 4 in the Caliente Blog Hop! 
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In keeping with my 6 books in 6 days theme, today's post is from my shape-shifting paranormal romance -- The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 2 Eluwilussit).

Setting the Stage:
Ash and Livie must go north but the new lovers  pause long enough to fan the flame from the night before.

Caliente Excerpt:
Because she wasn’t yet aware of his presence, Ash used the moment to take in the sight of Livie at her bath. He was well acquainted with the heated blush painting her fair skin; her body’s response to hot water. What a beautiful woman she was. He wondered what thoughts filled her mind that made her smile.

Sensing a presence, Olivia opened her eyes and discovered him standing in the doorway. Her smile widened. She gave his naked body a slow sensual appraisal. Stiffening under her blatant scrutiny, his hand closed around the shaft. The masculine act made her heart flutter. “Good morning.” Her voice sounded oddly breathy to her own ears.

“It is, especially when I’ve slept with you in my arms all through the night. I find myself a hungry man when your sky eyes look at me this way.”

She understood that hunger.

He surprised her by stepping into the tub and sitting as she sat up to make room. The fit was tight and water sloshed over the side to soak the bathmat. Laughing, she lifted the drain to let a little water out, then reaching behind her, pulled the large bath towel from the rod and tossed it on the puddle.

“Hot water is nice. I bathed in hot water at John’s home yesterday. It was very pleasant.” It had felt so good it almost made him want to sing like the men showering on TV did.

“You’ve never had a hot bath before?” Olivia hadn’t realized hot water was foreign to him. Where had he lived? A hazy image came to mind. She’d followed the dog into a cave. He lived there.

“Never before this moment.”

Her eyes lit with an idea. “Close your eyes.” Rising on her knees, she picked up the bar of soap and rolled it in her washcloth until it was sudsy. She washed his face and neck and rinsed him with water from her cupped hand. Lathering his arms and chest first, her breasts slid along the suds as she leaned into him seeking to scrub his back and shoulders. 

His hands rose from the water to sweep upward from her hips to the sides of her breasts. Coming around, he filled his hands with the slippery bounty of her. Livie’s heat-plumped nipples were so near, there was nothing to do but capture one. He immediately drew back, a look of surprise on his face at his mouth full of soap suds. He quickly wiped his mouth with a wet hand. “Blech.”

Olivia laughed merrily. “Here, this will be better.” Ash followed when she pulled the plug and stood. Drawing the shower curtain closed, she turned on the spray.

Yielding to the desire to touch him everywhere at once, she discarded the washcloth and lathered her hands. Running them over his mahogany skin, it was only natural that her soapy hands eventually went for the large cock standing between them. His balls were soft and loose from sitting in hot water but the rest hard. Very hard.

He pulled her close and murmured at her ear, “If you begin, I will need to finish.”

It was a most definite challenge. She purred, “Will you?”

Curling her soapy fingers tighter around his cock, she slowly, deliberately, pumped him.

A tremor ran through him. Yes, Livie was bold. And every fiber of his being was surrendering to it. Holding back the intensity rising in his balls was proving difficult. To cool the moment, he eased himself from her sensual caress and then turned her around. He picked up the soap and lathered his hands as she had, then proceeded to wash her. Soapy hands reached around and glided over her breasts and belly. They traveled around her hips and over the rounded halves of her rear. Up and down, front and back, he swept over her. One hand came around the front and slid between her thighs, the other came from the back. Slippery fingers slid along the split while the other hand teased her opening from behind. When his thumb found the small hard nub of her pleasure, it drew slippery circles there.

Hungry for more, she widened her stance a bit.

It wasn’t the open invitation she gave him that fired his blood, it was the small whimper barely loud enough to be heard over the spray of the shower. Suddenly crushing her back to his chest, his sudsy hands ran wild over the front of her. His hard cock — with nowhere to go — slid between those soapy cheeks and thighs. They both found the sensation exquisite.

Olivia closed her legs tightly, trapping him along the groove of her sex. Ash pressed forward and back, the head of his cock sweeping every sensitive inch. Wanting more, she bent at the waist, and leaning forward, grasped the faucet to steady herself. Her new position offering a precise angle, it surprised them both when he sheathed himself fully. Up to his balls, he groaned. “Oh my love, what you do.”

Wanting all the speed and thrust he could give, Olivia rocked back against him. Grasping her hips, that’s exactly what he gave her. Water sloshed and sprayed everywhere as he rode her hard. “Livie… I can’t…” Words in his own tongue tumbled forth. She understood, and telling her that he couldn’t hold back any longer, that he was going to come, was like adding kerosene to her fire. Her body trembled as slamming thrusts lifted her to her toes. Muscles clenching, her climax released upon him, forcing his own to unfurl from deep within his soul. Wave after exquisite wave wove in and around them until finally spent, she straightened.

Holding her close as his semi-flaccid cock slipped free, his whispered in her ear, “Thank you.” She turned around to face him. Locked in embrace, they kissed under the shower, then quickly broke apart with a gasp. The water had suddenly gone cold. Between her bath and who-knows-how-long under the shower, they’d used up all the hot water. Quickly washing away traces of their coupling, she breathlessly explained, “It’ll get even colder than this if we don’t hurry, we’ve used up all the hot water in the tank.” 

Tank. Ash silently repeated the unknown word. He hadn’t considered there’d be a limited supply of hot water. He hadn’t yet determined where water in these homes came from, and he added that to the growing list of things he must learn as a man of this world.

Wrapping a towel around herself, Livie grinned. “I’m hungry now. How about you? I make a mean omelet.” The instant the words left her, she saw the flicker of confusion in his eyes. It occurred to her then that the language barrier was even higher than she’d thought. Before she’d thought his speech belonged to someone living on the rez and long isolated from outside influence. Now that she knew how ancient he was, it surprised her he could communicate with her at all. She assured him, “You’ll like it.”

“If you like it, I’ll like it.”


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