Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Saturday and another My Sexy Saturday 7!

Here's the scoop: Participating authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me, this time  it's 7 sentences from Loving Leonardo ~ A Victorian polyamorous love story with a touch of reader-interactive art history. AND I've just found out Loving Leonardo is a 2nd place winner in the OKRWA International Digital Awards!

Setting the Stage:

Aboard a steamer to Venice, newly married Nicolas is inexplicably drawn to his bold-as-brass Yankee wife. But the fair blond Dutchman at the dinner table has a siren's call of his own.

I give you 7:

We talked about sea voyages, Lord Byron, and the feel of a fine Cuban cigar over your tongue.

His description was such that I asked him to show me what he meant.

He “just happened to have one in his cabin,” he said, “a fine hand-rolled Havana, the same sort that Britain’s own Prince Edward enjoyed.”

Primed with innuendo, needless to say, I followed.

After he closed the door behind us, he made no move to light the lamp.

In a flash he was on his knees before me.

It wasn’t a Havana he wanted rolling over his tongue, but then I never thought it was.
Here's the story

I love that this author takes what could be just another turn of the century historical romance and completely revamps it into a very sexy, smart, and scintillating read.~ Coffee Time Romance

There's a sequel. Loving Leonardo - The Quest !


Rose Anderson ~ Love Waits in Unexpected Places

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  1. Good excerpt, Rose. Thanks for participating in My Sexy Saturday. See you next week.


  2. Thanks Lynn! Yep, I'll be back. :)

  3. Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, but not in this case, lol.

    Congratulations on the contest win! Woo hoo!

  4. Your seven sentences pained a very lovely image, Rose. I enjoyed reading. Yes, congratulations on the contest.

  5. Darn! That should have said, PAINTED a lovely image. Not pained. Ugh, sorry!

    1. Thank you. The odd thing is I saw it with a t! That makes for quite the editing experience, let me tell you.