Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sexy Snippets!

Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets! When you're done reading mine, see what the other participants are offering. I'll bet they're juicy!
The idea here is to post seven sexy sentences from your work. Today I'm choose seven more from my award-winning Loving Leonardo

Setting the Stage: 
Ellie and Nicolas are on their way to Venice. At dinner aboard ship, they're introduced to Luca Franco, himself a Venetian. Drawn to their handsome dinner companion, Nicolas realizes they have work and interests in common and feels an immediate attraction. And wouldn't you know, Luca feels the same.

My snippet:
He had fine strong wrists, a jagged scar run up the side and I briefly wondered what he’d done to have gotten such a wound. Drawn to artistry as I was, bone structure often caught my eye when I looked at people and this wrist drew my attention. Michelangelo’s David came to mind — David with his corded forearms and finely-detailed hands slightly larger than they should be. A hint to the size of the full erection the artist had in mind, were it made of flesh and not flaccid stone. I wondered who had been his model, for like his contemporary and rival da Vinci, he had a male muse among his models. Lost in thoughts of anatomy, I watched Luca raise his glass to his lips and licked my own before I was aware I’d done so. 
He leveled me a snow-shadow glance over the rim of his wine glass, before saying, “If you have the inclination Sir Nicolas, I would enjoy conversing about da Vinci’s life with you. It’s my good fortune to find a man of your knowledge and kindred interest on board.”

"This is a most delicious read, and I certainly hope we see more of these three lovers in the near future."
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  1. Good snippet, I wonder where this goes ;)

  2. Thank you Dee and Doris. Luca is based on a real man from my past. I was a young teen and he was a young Italian man working in a Chicago deli. I remember he was gorgeous. I'd imagine lot's of lunchmeat sold when that guy worked there. I didn't realize Luca was the deli man until I'd finished Loving Leonardo - The Quest. I saw him so clearly in my mind's eye. Thanks for stopping!