Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's Wednesday -- time for the HUMP DAY HOOK, a weekly blog meme where authors post a tempting portion of their writing.
Follow this link for a complete listing of this week's participants: Hump Day Authors. And you can find links to these posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.
Before I give my hook -- I have a sampling of all of my novels in print and it's free right now on Amazon. Get yours today!

My excerpt today comes from my soon to be released Enchanted Skye.

Setting the Stage
Jenna MacLeod lands on the Isle of Skye to scatter her grandmother's ashes. Mourning at the water's edge, she unknowingly revives an ancient charm with her tears and catches the Selkie Alex MacCodrum as he swims nearby.

The Hump Day Hook
He watched with mild interest from the rocks. It wasn’t until Angus and the reverend walked back to the house that his interest got the better of him. He scooted a little closer and lifted his head to get a better view. He didn’t recognize this young woman on the land but watched her kneel before the pool. Her dark sable hair covered her face as she keened and for some reason he was compelled to go to her side. He slid into the water to investigate and the closer he drew, the stranger he felt. Only feet away now, he blinked the saltwater from his eyes and watched her a while. The wind whipped at her hair and the sea mist clung to her clothing as she hugged an urn tightly to her chest. He knew what he was seeing then. They’d scattered ashes on the water. He considered her. Who was this woman to Angus MacLeod?

The woman must have felt his presence for she looked up from her grief. Meeting his eyes, she looked startled to see him so close. She rose slowly and backed away.

His heart ached to watch her go and he found the feeling both perplexing and extraordinary. Then and there he knew he had to meet her. Taking a breath, he plunged under the water and swam to the far side of the cliff where the sea cave sat undetected. On dry land now, inside the dark chamber, he peeled away his waterskin. And where flippers were a moment before, a man’s arms and legs appeared. Shaking out his spotted skin with a snap, he rolled it into a tight bundle and headed toward the passage.

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  1. Ooooh, I've only read one Selkie story; this sounds interesting!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Selkies are a great story plot!

  3. Really interesting excerpt. I hope we see more!