Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's Wednesday! Time for the HUMP DAY HOOK, a weekly blog meme where authors post a tempting portion of their writing.

Follow this link for a complete listing of this week's participants: Hump Day Authors. And you can find links to these posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.

Since Enchanted Skye is out now, I thought I'd offer another teaser.

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Enchanted Skye

Blurb:Alexander MacCodrum belongs to a race of shape-shifting sea creatures living on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. When Jenna MacLeod unknowingly adds seven tears to the salt of the sea, she accidentally unleashes an ancient charm that catches the transformed Selkie unawares. Under this binding spell, Alex must win Jenna's heart, or the pain of unrequited love will drive him to take his own life. Unfortunately for Alex, Jenna hasn’t come to Skye looking for love and it will take the force of a hurricane to bring them together. But worse, Jenna’s violent ex-boyfriend has found her at last and Carl has made it perfectly clear – if he can’t have her, no one can.

Setting the Stage: Jenna's frazzling day gets worse.

The Hump Day Hook:

Bea closed her eyes and shook her head. She’d never expected a guest to get locked in. Out of thirty-odd original doors in the house, there were only two that acted up like this — the pantry and Alex’s door. Alex. It occurred to her then that he wasn’t standing there with the others. She said, “Oh, I’m so sorry Jenna. The doors are five hundred years auld, ye see. I’m afraid they’re temperamental. I’ll bring a ladder ‘round to the window. I’m sorry that’s the best I can do until the locksmith comes.” 

“Okay. Just please get me out of here.” 

“Right away, Jenna. It will only take me a few minutes.” 

Jenna heard the rumble of male voices. Suddenly Bea said, “What do ye mean we’ve no ladder? Sweet Jesus! How can I tell her tha’?” Bea spoke loudly through the door. “Jenna? Jenna, I’ve bad news for ye. The tall ladders, both of them, are at the lighthouse. They’re being used in the repairs, you see.” 

“Are you telling me I’m stuck in here?” The last came out as a high-pitched shriek. 

Bea heard Alex’s rich and warm voice, followed by his laugh, followed by Jenna’s hissing, “Shut up, you!” 

Though Bea knew it was so, it didn’t show in her voice when she asked with feigned surprise, “Alex, you’re locked in there too?” 

Alex chuckled. “Aye, I’m in here.” 

Jenna’s voice came through the crack, “Bea this is unacceptable. Go get me a ladder!” 

“I’m sorry, Jenna, I can’t. The ladders are part of the scaffolding. The storm is worse now and there’s no light to even see by to take the scaffolding down.” 

Lachlan leaned close to the door. “What are ye up to, Alex?” 

Laughter lacing his words, Alex said, “I was just minding my own business when a nixie barged into my room and locked the door on us.” 

Gavin said, “Nixie, eh? Are ye sure you’re not holed up with a bodach?” 

Alex laughed. 

Jenna growled and pounded the door, “This… is… un…acceptable!” 

Her reaction made them all wonder if she’d understood she’d been called a banshee.
Lachlan chuckled on the other side of the wood. “Darlin’, ye might not want to pound the door anymore. Ye’ll leave nothing for the locksmith to grab onto.” 

The pounding stopped.

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  1. That gives Alex a nice opportunity. Too bad that Jenna is freaking out so much.

  2. She's had a very bad day. lol Thanks for stopping by Linda.