Monday, September 30, 2013

Trifecta entry ~ Ass

It's time for another Trifecta and I'm joining in again. Click here for participants.

Here's how it works: Submit a writing between 33 and 333 word using this week’s one-word prompt:

3. (adverb/adjective) often vulgar—often used as a postpositive intensive especially with words of derogatory implication <fancy-ass>

I have such a use in my Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (books 1 & 2) in 333 words. (adult language follows)

Jimmy heard a rumbling growl that seemed to come from under the ground. He turned to Scott. “What the fuck, did you hear that?” 

Scott dropped his end of the deer carcass. His spooky-ass friend always heard things that weren’t there. “What did you hear?” 

“I don’t know… a man’s voice, but growling.” 


“I can’t describe it any better!”

“You’re fuckin’ hammered.”

“Bullshit. You drank all the goddamn Jack and left me your backwash, you stingy-ass jerk.” 

Scott laughed.

Coming to a sinkhole in the ground, they crawled inside to see how far back the cave went. Pulling his flashlight from his pocket, Scott trained the weak light around the edges. “Let’s go. Not enough light with this piece of shit, I’ll bring a bigger one next time.” 

A deep voice, more a snarl than vocalization, said “There won’t be a next time.” 

Both whirled about. Scott’s flashlight beam came up from the floor. The creature’s feet had two sharp-clawed toes; the legs were barely fur-covered bone covered with open sores. Its torso was caved in, the emaciated cage of its ribs protruding under a taut membrane of flesh. The head defied description: not quite wolf, not quite deer, but a horrible combination of the two. A rack of small peeling antlers topped its head as if it were a stag, but the long sharp fangs displayed in its pulled-back lips suggested wolf. Ragged matted fur covered it from head to toe. It smelled foul, like roadkill in the heat of summer. 

The hunters stood frozen to the spot, taking in the creature. Scott dropped the flashlight and ran to the sinkhole’s opening, followed by Jimmy. Clawing his way to the surface, Scott paused as he heard a thud. Jimmy must have stumbled over the skeleton. Within seconds Jimmy screamed, the terrified sound gurgled then went silent. 

Scott’s hesitation now cost him, as suddenly he was pulled back into the hole. His screams scattered a riot of roosting crows from the trees.


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