Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Sexy Saturday!

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday! Find more sexy 7's here:

Here's the scoop: Participating authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me, this time it's 7 sentences from my newest ~
Enchanted Skye

Setting the stage: Alex and Jenna share an uncomfortable moment the day after she got herself locked in his bedroom. His Selkie senses detect more than what's being said...

Her look of relief made him slightly queasy as his earlier suspicion appeared to prove out — Jenna MacLeod only wanted him because she was under the influence of strong spirits. She wouldn’t have otherwise. Heart aching with the implication, he repeated, “Nothing happened between us. Ye only drank too much scotch, passed out, and I put ye to bed.” 

That wasn’t exactly how it happened but yes, in a roundabout way he had put her to bed. Her cheeks were lightly pink with embarrassment, but she gave him a relieved smile. Sensing disappointment on her part, his heart flipped.

Here's the story

"Ms. Anderson's use of Scottish dialect is wonderful, and it doesn't interfere with your reading. It adds to the enjoyment. Between her way with words and her sensual love scenes, you are there in the book, in the scene. And speaking of her way with words, here are samples, "...nearly insatiable wonderment of new love." And, "...the fact that she didn't reject him filled his heart with unfathomable joy." With the love and humor, there's danger which is written so well and culminates in a wonderful, surprise ending. Enchanted Skye is an outstanding book."
~Author Jane Leopold Quinn

I'm having another busy weekend. Come see!

Sexy Snippets here tomorrow. 

Seductive Studs& Sirens today plus Weekend Writing Warriors tomorrow

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  1. Aw, he was being a gentleman.. :)

  2. Maybe she needed a drink to get going with her feelings.