Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It's Wednesday -- time for the HUMP DAY HOOK, a weekly blog meme where authors post a tempting portion of their writing.
Follow this link for a complete listing of this week's participants: Hump Day Authors. And you can find links to these posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.
This week I offer an creepy bit from Enchanted Skye.

Setting the Stage: Jenna's dangerous and obsessive ex-boyfriend Carl systematically eliminates obstacles that keep him from her. 

My creepy hook:

Carl caught sight of the street sweeping notices, and rather than get a ticket, he parked his car around the corner and headed toward Jenna’s house. Three weeks. She hadn’t picked up his calls once in three weeks, and he’d made hundreds. He understood she wanted to be by herself to have time to grieve the old hag’s death. Three weeks. He frowned and did the math. No, the last time he spoke to Jenna was more than three weeks ago. Three weeks, six days, two hours and twenty-seven minutes to be exact. He didn’t count the day Jenna told him to leave her alone. He knew that was only the result of stress. 

Of course she had to deal with the old lady’s death, she was raised by her. That would take time, he knew. After those harsh words on Jenna’s part, he’d made a point to call her once an hour. He figured if she wasn’t ready to put her grief behind her just yet, then at least she knew he was thinking about her. He smiled. Twenty-four calls in a day would tell her just how much he cared. The lack of sleep was wearing on him but that would soon end. 

He couldn’t wait to have Jenna sleeping beside him, although he doubted they’d get much sleep. His smile widened at the thought of truly possessing her heart, body, and soul. They had yet to make love, though it wasn’t for his lack of trying. Her family obligations kept getting in the way. She wouldn’t stay overnight in his apartment and she wouldn’t let him stay in her house as long as Nana was there. Smile vanishing, he spit on the sidewalk. Good riddance. He was glad Mary Margaret was dead, the old pain in the ass.

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  1. great hook I can see he didnt like the old woman..

  2. He is so creepy, bloody psycho. I can't believe he killed her just so that they could have sex, oh god!