Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Sexy Saturday

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday!
Here's the scoop: Participating authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me, this time it's 7 paragraphs from a story based upon a local urban legend - The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo.

Setting the stage: 
After being hit by a car, Ash finds himself in his wolf form
sitting in a cage. Heartbroken and without purpose, he remembers his life long ago.

My 7:
Sky Father, please let me die. Ash silently begged the Manitou. He’d noticed the physical pain was gone the night before when he filled his lungs to howl. He expected as much. An immortal like himself would heal quickly so as not to hinder the task given him. But an immortal would still need to eat and drink. Last night when he’d realized his wounds were healed, he decided he’d take no more sustenance. Perhaps that was the way of this immortal gift. Perhaps to end life it was necessary to end the necessities of living.

He’d thought long on the senseless destruction of the resting places. He’d seen buildings go where other mounded graves had been. The thought made him pause. Were there guardians at those graves? Or were those mounds merely places of clan recognition? In his time, not all mounds in the earth were graves. In fact, most were made to celebrate the spirits of the place the clans dwelled in. He closed his eyes and saw them: otter mounds, bear mounds, and flying goose mounds for the Otter, Bear, and Goose clans. His people had belonged to the Bear clan — the people of the forests. Aiyanna had come from the Otter clan. Her people were water people.

Ash remembered when Eluwilussit traveled with Nawkaw to a gathering of Midewii at the Otter clan’s sacred cave and returned home with Bemidii as his wife. Pretty and pleasant, Bemidii had been Aiyanna’s youngest aunt. Her mother was Bemidii’s eldest sister.

After Nawkaw died, Ash stayed with the Goose clan for nearly a year to learn all he could. From there he went north to the Otter clan and stayed two years for Wynono was a dear friend of Nawkaw’s and his teachings were very much the same. After meeting Aiyanna, and falling heart and soul in love with her, he returned to the Bear clan with Aiyanna as his wife.

It was only after his marriage to Aiyanna that Eluwilussit approached Ash to offer training that Nawkaw had left unfinished. This was when Eluwilussit made him promise that there would be no more lessons taken with the other clans until he had learned all he had to teach him. Ash agreed. The man insisted he take the lessons without hesitation. Ash agreed to this as well. Within days the man’s methods turned brutal.

Shortly after, Ash heard the people whispering. It was obvious to all that the Medicine Man brightened whenever Aiyanna was near. His friend Makkapitew even went so far as to suggest this was why Eluwilussit offered to train him at last. The man coveted Aiyanna for himself and the training was an excuse to be near her. Bemidii apparently saw this too, for one morning she was simply gone and was never seen again. The people were certain she rejoined her clan, as any woman would if her marriage was a bad one.

Ash felt his stomach clench as a small detail came from the far corner of his memory. Bemidii had left her pearls behind. Wynono’s wife and daughters each had long strings of pearls they wore for ceremony. The pearls were gifts from grateful clan members who felt the Manidoowaadizi had intervened in the spirit realm on their behalf. As such, the pearls were precious to her. She never would have left them. The thought lingered and gnawed at his mind and suddenly he knew. As clear as day the message came: Eluwilussit had killed his wife.

The ancient suspense carries through the entire story, and leaves the reader waiting for the next installment. Rose Anderson is an outstanding, relatively-new author with a distinct voice. The writing is smooth and easy to follow. The dream sequences are handled very well, and do not confuse the reader. Each builds upon the previous one. Shamans exist, and the stories they tell will never die.
~ Author E. Ayers


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