Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sexy Snippets!

Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets!

The idea is to post just seven sentences to capture the imagination. Today, I'm offering another small sampling from Enchanted Skye -- a tale of hidden identity, dangerous obsession, an ancient charm, and oh...there are Selkies too.

 What about that MacCodrum family? Alex reflects:

My seven:
Doled out for tourists, the local legends pointed fingers at their family’s romantic origins but the tales were no different than those about the bogie man, faerie folk, or ghostly specters on the moors. No one took them seriously for all they were true. He and his siblings went to the pub on occasion and if there were tourists a neighbor would rib them good-naturedly. The latest being, “Where ye hidin’ yer seal skin, Lachlan?” to which his eldest brother replied, “Now if I tell ye Ronnie Nash, and ye find it, I’ll have to wed ye! And man yer not my type!”

The tourists loved it and the locals howled, and god love them, none saw the truth right before their eyes.

"Rose Anderson writes beautifully every time, and Enchanted Skye is no different. She makes me believe in selkies, makes me want to BE a selkie, her descriptions of their legends and lives are so intimate and lovely. The selkie family -- Alex, his brothers Lachlan and Gavin, and sister Beatrix are hysterically funny. Their joshing of each other is the kind of sibling chatter we all would have liked growing up and as adults. Jenna comes from America with her grandmother's ashes and is drawn into this loving, boisterous family. Ms. Anderson's use of Scottish dialect is wonderful, and it doesn't interfere with your reading. It adds to the enjoyment. Between her way with words and her sensual love scenes, you are there in the book, in the scene. And speaking of her way with words, here are samples, "...nearly insatiable wonderment of new love." And, "...the fact that she didn't reject him filled his heart with unfathomable joy." With the love and humor, there's danger which is written so well and culminates in a wonderful, surprise ending. Enchanted Skye is an outstanding book."
~Author Jane Leopold Quinn


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