Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday!

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday! Find more sexy 7's here:

Here's the scoop: Participating authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me, this time it's 7 paragraphs from Enchanted Skye ~ A story about a family a Selkie and the lovely stranger from America who accidentally sets off an ancient charm. One Selkies are particularly susceptible to.

Setting the stage: The old legends about the MacCodrum family are only considered to be fairy tales, but that doesn't stop the townspeople from teasing Alex about being a Selkie in front of Jenna.

My Seven:
Holding out his hand, Ronnie Nash said, “So yer Angus’s American niece. Pleased t’ meet ye Jenna. Ronnie Nash, friend to yer uncle and this clumsy oaf here,” he said and jerked his head toward Alex. He added, “Ye know the MacCodrums are true Selkie, don’t ye lass?”

Several people at the bar laughed. One said, “Aye, they’re great beasties, kin to the seals. And if ye find their skin without them in it, they’ll marry ye and keep yer house!” 

Tegan mopped a spill on the bar. He said, “Aye, an’ I’ve been all over the Isle looking for fair Beatrix’s skin. Can ye put in a good word fer me Alex? Ye know I’ve been head over heels for the lass fer ages.”

“My sister makes up her own mind, Teg. Just be your charming self.”

After introducing himself to Jenna, Boyd nudged her with his arm and said, “I’ll wager our Alex here has a seal skin hidden somewhere about.” Raising his voice, he said, “Don’t ye Alex?” 

Another man at the bar laughed. “Och man, yer blind. Look at him, soaked like that. He’s wearing it now. Is that why yer all wet Alex? Ye got that Selkie skin o’ yers on under yer shirt? Go on, show us yer flipper, Alex.”

Alex laughed with them. He was used to this, whenever outsiders were around. “How close t’ yer nose d’ ye want it, Boyd?” That inspired several hoots from the small crowd.


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  1. I like this one - makes me want to read a fair bit more ;D

  2. I'm a sucker for humor. Loved the snippet, Rose!