Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sexy Snippets!

Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets!

The idea is to post just seven sentences to capture the imagination. Today, I'm offering another small sampling from
Enchanted Skye ~ A story with a secret identity, an ancient charm, and a whole family of Selkie.

Setting the stage: 
Upon discovering there's no help for locking herself in this man's room for the night, Jenna is furious. In this scene, she's taking out her frustration on the only other person in the room. Neither know there's an ancient charm in play.  

My 7:
Her lips pressed together in an angry line, Jenna turned back to the door and pounded again.

Alex stared dumbly, not sure what to do. That odd feeling had intensified now that he’d actually touched her. For all her spit and fire, Jenna MacLeod was certainly a lovely creature, in fact, spit and fire added to her beauty. She’d be even more furious had she realized the flannel shirt didn’t cover her cute bum.


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