Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Marketing for Romance Writers' Books Hooks #MFRWhooks

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It's Wednesday and time for the Marketing for Romance Writers' Books Hooks mini hop! (see linky list below) Participants post 6-8 sentences from their novel. Today I'm offering a bit from 

Setting the Stage~

Locked in a room with a stranger, Jenna succumbs to the overload of stress that's been building over the course of a terrible week of loss and fear. Aided by just a little too much scotch, her emotions spill forth.

Here, Alex tries to comfort the stranger who stirs such odd feelings in him. He has no idea her earlier tears unleashed a charm on him.

My 8~

Coaxing her onto his lap and into his arms, he shushed, “Come…come here.” Good god, she smelled wonderful. Being Selkie, his naturally acute senses were than of a man and wild creature of the sea. Her hair, damp from her bath and wetted again from dangling out the window, held the hint of the storm. Her skin smelled like the soap she’d used and it enhanced her natural scent. He wrapped himself around her, his entire being unaccountably protective toward this woman he’d just met. Resting his head against hers, he gently soothed, “There love, let it out.”


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