Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Marketing for Romance Writers' Books Hooks #MFRWhooks

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It's Wednesday and time for the Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks mini hop! (see linky list below) Participants post 6-8 sentences from their novel. Today I'm offering a bit from Enchanted Skye ~ a contemporary love story with an ancient twist.

Setting the Stage~
After being at sea for the last several months, Alex watches a woman scattering ashes in the tidal pool and begins to feel strange. He has no idea she just innocently trapped him in an ancient and potentially deadly charm. He returns home to see if his sister Beatrix knows who this lovely stranger is.

My 8~
Meeting his eyes, she looked startled to see him so close. She rose slowly and backed away. 

His heart ached to watch her go and he found the feeling both perplexing and extraordinary. Then and there, he knew he had to meet her. Taking a breath, he plunged under the water and swam to the far side of the cliff where the sea cave sat undetected. On dry land now, inside the dark chamber, he peeled away his waterskin. And where flippers were a moment before, a man’s arms and legs appeared. Shaking out his spotted skin with a snap, he rolled it into a tight bundle and headed toward the passage.


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