Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sexy Snippets!

Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets! The idea is to post just seven sentences to capture the imagination. Today, I'm offering another small sampling from book 2 in The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo series.

Setting the Stage: Knowing Eli comes for Ash, John and Cora, and Ash and Livie have gone north to the safety of John's aunt and uncle's home on the reservation. It's a cozy house. Hearing the telltale sounds of Ash and Livie's lovemaking through the thin bedroom walls, Cora gets an idea. 

 My snippet:  
John chuckled, “I’m glad they’ve gotten on.” 

Cora laughed quietly, “I’d say they’re getting it on.” Sure enough, the tempo cooled and silence followed. Her hand closed around him.

“What are you up to there, girl? You say I make too much noise.”

“If we hurry, your aunt and uncle will think it’s them.”

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  1. Nice sense of humor :-)

  2. Great snippet. I want to read on to find out how noisy they get. :-)