Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday #SaturdayScenes

It's My Sexy Saturday! Participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. The theme this week is You're So Sexy. This time it's 7 paragraphs from my first novel Hermes Online ~ a scorching tale told in one perspective only, the reader sees a brokenhearted woman's metamorphosis in real time. Words can heal. 

This couple is unique in that they interact through their computers. Who could be sexier than the enigmatic S ?

Vivienne certainly thinks so.

Setting the Stage:  After weeks of suggestive email exchanges, my pair realize they want more than words.

My 7:
Soul-stealing, wonderful V,
You ask if I want you? How can you ask? You fill my every waking thought.

I smiled. The words I chose next were a worm on a hook if I ever saw one.

Every waking thought? Tell me, what true thoughts are they? Sex with me in real life?

Utterly desirable V,
True thoughts, eh? Then yes, I must admit that I want to fuck you blind! But more than that, I want to make love to you until the lines between us blur and you take my soul completely.

Oh my god...I swallowed hard. The last time a man had said those words to me they made my heart sing. “I want to make love to you too,” I whispered to the enigmatic stranger.

We were cerebrally intimate yet knew nothing whatsoever about each other. But I wanted him, god yes, I did. He implied he was well endowed, and I didn’t care. I didn’t care if he was ancient or young or possessed an athlete’s body or weighed four hundred fifty pounds. I didn’t care. In my mind he had green eyes the color of a still and shady pond. He had a short devil-may-care beard and hair the color of ripe chestnuts. Had I more details he couldn’t have been more desirable in that moment. I read his last email again.

Just as I was about to reply, my doorbell rang.


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