Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sexy Snippets

It's Sunday and time for Sexy Snippets. Participants post just seven sentences to capture the imagination. Today I'm offering a small sampling from Hermes Online ~ an award-winning contemporary erotic romance about an online affair. The story is told in one perspective only so the reader can see a transformation in real time.

Setting the Stage:
Vivienne and the man known only as S are sharing emails that are growing progressively more intimate as time goes by. After the battering her self esteem suffered, each email is a handhold out of her despair
. Here you see he has a wonderful way with words...

Allow me to pay homage to the goddess you are, let me begin at your little feet --feel me lightly kiss, and yes, you will feel me bite ever so slightly, for the need to devour you is great.


I draw a sharp breath as your nip to my arch takes me by surprise, but the press of warm lips in the same place cools the nerves gone wild. I feel the stubble of your chin, the rough/smooth dichotomy sending a tingle to run along my spine. Your hands stroke and caress, I feel the tickle of your fingers as they trace my calves. You’re at my knees now, I feel your lips, feel your warm breath. Where do you travel next I wonder? I think I know.

“Every now and then an erotic romance catches you pleasantly by surprise. Hermes Online is just such a book. Because we get to know the characters mostly through email and chat dialog, I expected them to feel under developed somehow, but I found the opposite to be true. We get a very steamy relationship right off the bat, full of fantastic dirty dialogue, and the best part is that it never feels rushed or forced. We really want this unconventional relationship to work out.”
~ A Reader


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