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Scroll down for the #FreedomHop. I have three mini events on this blog this 4th of July weekend. Enjoy!

For today, it's My Sexy Saturday! Participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words.  For me it's 7 paragraphs from The Leonardo Chronicles ~ a bind-up of my award-winning, Victorian polyamorous series Loving Leonardo.

Setting the Stage:  Newlywed Nicolas realizes theirs might be more than the marriage of convenience they agreed to.

My Seven:
I found my thoughts upon my wife while I bathed. Ellie was unlike any woman of my acquaintance. I hadn’t met many Americans in my life but the few I’d had were not quite as straightforward. What I saw in her was something far more. In our journey to Scotland and back, I’d learned that she and her sister lost their mother early in their childhood and that they were raised exclusively by their father and their governess. I’d recently read an article in the Times regarding the work of Sir Francis Galton and his “nature versus nurture” philosophy. Could this early, predominately male, nurturing be the source of her liberal attitudes? I had just stepped from the tub when Ellie came into the bath calling my name.

“Nicolas, I’m so sorry, I drifted off…Oh!”

Accustomed to servants seeing me unclothed since I was a boy, I didn’t give her interruption a second thought. Ellie, on the other hand, appeared positively dumbstruck and I had no idea why. I took a dry towel and rubbed it briskly over my head. I couldn’t see her watching me, but curiously, I could feel her eyes. Sure enough when I lowered the towel she was still standing there with pinkening cheeks. You’re embarrassed? Formally trained as I was to look for distinction in art, I couldn’t help but notice this was a slightly different hue than when I’d last seen her embarrassed. Knowing her to be bold-as-brass, I couldn’t credit this emotion in her. I said, “Ah you’re awake. Feel rested, do you?”

Self-declared progressive or not, I had the distinct impression my new wife had never seen a man in the flesh; a curious notion in light of the customary boldness I’d come to anticipate. I dropped the hand that held the towel to my side and let her look. That she didn’t excuse herself was telling, though I wondered if she tested me or herself.

I found utterly fascinating her brassy determination to prove she was unfazed to see me thus. Her eyes traveled my person from head to toe and lingered half-way. In some unanticipated biological response, I felt myself get hard. In that instant I knew with certainty that some time in our future I’d be able to do the deed without hesitation or impotence. Although the foreign concept made me extremely nervous, the notion of loving this compelling creature pooled in my loins.

Those blue eyes grew wide then flew to my face. Prattling excuses, she left the room. Did she think I lied about my sexual appetites? I followed her.

“Ellie wait... Ellie?”

"Rose Anderson's writing palate is amazingly colorful. Every word, phrase, and sentence have specific meanings that embed a picture in your head as you read, and you are in the scene yourself."
~ Author Jane Leopold Quinn

What's at the heart of this unusual love story? 
Loving Leonardo has a message of tolerance between the lines. Aside from that, it's an exciting, sexy romp through Victorian Europe on a quest for a book written and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci for his homosexual lover Salai.  Discover the story in The Leonardo Chronicles.

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