Sunday, October 18, 2015

Six of the Best! #6BestHop

I'm trying something new this Sunday and I'm participating with both pen names! While Rose writes the intimate side of award-winning romance, Madeline writes the other flavors of fiction. It might be a sweeter love story, an otherworldly walk in the twilight zone, or something dark...

Today for Six of the Best, it's a bit from the steamy side of my imagination. Book 1 in the ongoing Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo series

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What does an immortal Native American shaman do when the grave he’s sworn to watch over for all eternity disappears
under urban development?

His purpose of guarding his wife’s burial mound is gone, Ashkewheteasu seeks to end his immortal existence. In his despair, Ash assumes the form of a wolf and steps in front of a moving car and into the life of Dr. Olivia “Livie” Rosalini. The veterinarian saves the animal’s life, and in the process saves the man within. Livie has no idea the wolfish dog she’s taken into her home and grows to love is a magical being seeking to win her heart as a man. While Ash is learning a new world filled with new love, friendship, and happiness, an old menace makes plans to steal it all away; just as he had 3000 years before.

Setting the Stage~
Ash,an ancient Native American Shaman, discovers beer. It's obviously a potent shaman's drink if it's capable of making one mindless. He needs to make it back to Livie's house before she does. (She has no idea he's actually the stray dog she hit with her car and is now caring for in her home.) In this scene, tipsy Ash is trying to change form but keeps doing it wrong. Here he comes close to being a tasty meal for an owl.

My Six~

Just as it was about to swoop low on silent wings, intent on nabbing the large field mouse, a naked man with a mouse tail and whiskers appeared. The owl, clearly startled, flew off into the night. 
Laughing, Ash raised his arms and yelled after it, “This is not your night, my brotherrrr!”

Tail and whiskers absorbed into his changing form and once again bare skin grew feathers. He shifted into a raven — a six-foot-tall raven. Laughing at himself, he made his body small and flew fast to Livie’s home, albeit not in a straight line.


 5 Stars for The Witchy Wolf!
"I like the way Rose Anderson writes. She paints a picture without boring the reader. The story drew me in and kept me reading. The hot dog scene is funny! Actually, there were several scenes that had me giggling. She did an excellent job of taking NA lore and putting it into a contemporary story. And Ash (Ashkewheteasu) is the kind of hero who stays with you long after the story ends."
~ Author E. Ayers

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  1. Another fascinating excerpt, Rose. I do love shifters. I'll need to check this one out as well.