Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sexy Snippets!

Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets! When you're done reading mine, see what the other participants are offering. I'll bet they're juicy!
The idea here is to post seven sexy sentences from your work. Today I'm choose seven from my backlist. I give you Hermes Online

Setting the Stage: 
Email exchanges with the mysterious S slowly bring Vivienne's confidence back. She's just written him a kiss and he's replied. As she thinks up a compelling response, fragments of an old memory creep in to overlay the little she knows about him. At first this shocks her. There's a measure of pain associated with those bittersweet memories.

My snippet:
He had only said green eyes, dark skin, and chestnut hair. No, my mind replied, see him clearly...shining brown, fern green, swarthy…no, I amended my thought. Not swarthy...more...more...sun-kissed, bronzed. I thought on this a while. Though I initially wished it otherwise, in the end I could find nothing wrong with the enhanced image my mind was compelled to assemble from the recesses of memory. I felt myself smile as I gave myself permission to live this dream. And with my dream view filling in the blanks of the mysterious S, my fingers found the keys.
Psst...the Greek gods are implied.

"This story was fantastic. It is a fun fantasy that's smoking hot! I give it 5 Stars. The plot was unique and flowed very fast. The characters are likeable and the plot keeps you reading until suddenly, you've finished it. Can't wait for the next book from Ms. Anderson "
~ A Reader


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  1. Isn't our imagination a wonderful tool? Great snippet :-)

  2. Thanks everyone! And thank you for stopping by.