Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sexy Snippets!

Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets! When you're done reading mine, see what the other participants are offering. I'll bet they're juicy!
The idea here is to post seven sexy sentences from your work. 

Today, I'm offering another 7 from my unusual Victorian polyamorous romance written with a touch of reader-interactive art history: Loving Leonardo - The Quest (book 2 in the series)

Setting the stage: Luca kisses Ellie, and Nicolas feels it as surely as if he were the one being kissed.

Meeting his eye, I silently mouthed, “Come to me.” He gave me an engaging wink over the top of her head. Instead of coming to me, the tease moistened his lips with his tongue and shook his head. Then taking Ellie’s hands, he bid her rise. Enfolding her in his arms, he wound the braid into his large hand. When he kissed her deeply, he also kissed my mind through her. And heaven help me, I felt the power of it keenly.

Here's the story


Book 2


"Both books are great reads. How she followed each character to the conclusion was masterful. "

~ A Reader

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