Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It's Wednesday and time for a HUMP DAY HOOK. The weekly event has been refitted to be a themed weekly event. I like themes. Sometimes it's hard to come up with a new hook and a theme gives you something to look for. How this works is same as before -- authors post a tempting portion of their writing following the theme of the week.
This week's theme is Action so I've chosen a bit from book 2 in The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo.

Setting the scene: Cora asks Ash to show the others what he looked like when Livie ran him over with her car. 

My Hook:
You could have heard a pin drop. Then Mayweather, Abbie, and John all rushed to say it was not necessary. Although Cora had only asked to see the dog, this was a sacred gift, not a sideshow.

Ash laughed and taking Cora’s hand, gave it a squeeze. “I would be honored to show this gift to you and I thank you for suggesting it. It’s important to me that you understand what was given to me and what I am because of it.” He went on to explain his grief and his request to watch over his wife’s grave forever. He did not explain the rest. Perhaps one day he’d tell John. Rising from his chair, he stood in the middle of the floor. “Since the gift was given — in all these years — I’ve only ever shared this with John and Livie.”

They watched transfixed as Ash drew a breath and disappeared. All that remained was a heap of clothing and a pair of shoes. May and Cora gasped. Abbie’s eyes grew wide in disbelief. Winston went to sniff the empty clothes. Having seen this miracle before, John and Livie just smiled at one another. It was far from boring.

A small brown snake slithered to the top of the pile of clothes. Winston took a step backward in a dog’s natural wariness of snakes. Suddenly the snake became a fat field mouse. The mouse shifted into a small rabbit. Ears reducing, the rabbit became a skunk then quick as a wink it became a coyote. The coyote’s snout and legs lengthened and the wolf with the unusual markings took its place. He sat and gave them a very wolfish grin. 

His tail wagging wildly, Winston leaned in to sniff, his sensitive nose at odds with what his one eye could see.

Seeing her lost pet, Olivia’s heart ached a little. “That’s what he looked like.”

The wolf shifted suddenly into a deer and then small moose, and just as quickly a large black bear stood on his hind legs. Winston pranced out of the way.

Jo walked in the room, Tony just behind him, and seeing the bear yelled, “Holy … get back!” Jo thrust his arm out to shove the tribal elder further behind him, and just as fast pulled a gun from his holster. He aimed it squarely at the bear’s heart.

Chairs crashing to the floor, Abbie and John jumped up and dashed in front of the bear, shouting in unison, “No! Don’t shoot!” Winston barked loudly.

Just as fast, the bear was gone and a naked man remained. Ash held out his hands. “You must be Jo the rez cop, and you must be Tony Reed. Boozhoo, my brothers.”

Cora’s mouth dropped open. Society had lost much when it made nudity an embarrassment. But that was obviously long after his time. Ash was stunning, and he made no move to dress. 

Mayweather covered her mouth with both hands and looked at him in awe. Olivia stifled a giggle.

Tony Reed leaned against the doorframe, murmuring, “Oh my god. Oh. My. God.”

Jo blinked. Holstering his firearm, he stepped forward and clasped the man’s hands. Embarrassed, he said, “Forgive me Ashkewheteasu. I thought you were a bear that would harm my family.”

Ash patted the dog beside him. “Any soldier would risk his life to protect his loved ones. Don’t apologize for protecting your family, Jo. And please, call me Ash. I have left my old name in the past.”


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