Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Sexy Saturday!

It's time for another My Sexy Saturday! Find more sexy 7's here:

Here's the scoop: Participating authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. For me, this time it's 7 sentences from my backlist -- I give you The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo.

Setting the scene:
Olivia, just home from the hospital after a slight head injury, seeks companionship from the dog she's fostering in her home. She has no idea the "dog" is actually an ancient Native American shaman.

My Seven:

Ash leapt onto the bed and lay beside her. He stared at her expectantly.

The small movement bringing that painful ache to life in her temple, she pressed a knuckle into her throbbing eye socket. “God, my head. Listen, I have no idea how I got this lump on my head, but no more running away. Understand me?” His tail thumped the bed.

Olivia rubbed his ears and patted him and smiled when he rolled over on his back. Her fingers gently combed through the thick fur to the pink skin underneath. No sign of his recent stitches. She felt his foreleg from shoulder to toes. No swelling. She moved it carefully with one hand while pressing her palm flat where the bone had been broken. No grinding bone on bone. For all intents and purposes, this dog had never been in an accident nor had surgery. It defied logic. She absently rubbed his belly, her mind on every implausible detail since she’d run him over.

Ash closed his eyes to Livie’s caress. Her hand swept up and down from his neck to just below his navel and he found his soul awakening to it. His body stirred too.

This was a very happy male dog. It was impossible not to notice, with the telltale evidence making an appearance. Olivia leveled a look at him. “You will not lick yourself on my bed, buster.”

Ash rolled side to side, his tail wagging and teeth bared. Livie laughed, and it made him pause. He’d heard her laugh when she talked with Jenni, but he hadn’t heard her laugh like this, and never for him alone. The sound was merry and genuine and it made him happy. To his surprise, he wanted more. He craved her touch. He craved her. He nuzzled his nose under her hand. Touch me Livie.


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  1. Sexy and sweet. Everyone needs touch...including our shapeshifting four legged friends. :D

    1. This is true. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. A lovely teaser...Need more please.

  3. Backlist books are great reads too~~ they simply mature like a fine wine.

    1. If only my wine cellar had more books! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Boy is she in for a big surprise! Enjoyed the excerpt.

    1. Yes she is! I'm glad you stopped by Lyndi.

  5. Belly rubs? Whoa! Hella dangerous. They lead to all kinds of whatnot. All good though.

  6. I absolutely love this! This is exactly how a werewolf would think! Thanks for sharing.