Saturday, February 14, 2015

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It's My Sexy Saturday! Participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. The theme this week is My Sexy Date. This time it's 7 paragraphs from Enchanted Skye ~A tale about a family of Scottish Selkie and an American on the run named Jenna who unwittingly unleashes an ancient charm and traps a Selkie unawares.   

Setting the Stage: 
Jenna's emotionally frazzled day gets worse when she accidentally gets locked in Alex's room. Needless to say, their first meeting doesn't go well...until the scotch comes out. When he offers a strong shoulder to cry on, the  anger she's transferred on to him..uh.. disappears. At this point, Alex doesn't know this fierce desire of his is compounded by the charm.

My Seven: 
His animal senses sharp, he could smell her now, a heady note of desire in the sensorial symphony of sea spray, scotch, peat, and soap. Though a tremor of desire fumbled his hands over the zipper, he knew he’d rip the clothes from his body just to have her. He finally managed to drop his jeans and his tenting boxers were quickly discarded with the rest. When his full length sprang free of its confines, her knee momentarily paused. Standing before her with a blazing hard-on, his breath froze at the look in her eyes.

Jenna watched him strip his clothing. Sultry slurred words hurried him along. “You have a very …nice…” Her words trailed off. She licked her lips.

His mind extrapolated the rest he wanted to hear. “I’m glad ye think so, love.” He was driven. Never in his life did he want a woman as badly as he wanted her.

He held himself. Words husky with desire, he whispered in awe, “I ache for ye, Jenna. I ache like I never have.”
Kneeling at the end of the bed, he kissed the top of her foot. Her knee once more swung to and fro. Seeing invitation in that sensual display, he kissed up the length of her leg, murmuring heated declarations of desire between kisses. Though a part of him was keenly aware they didn’t know one another, another part of him was certain he’d known her soul forever. “I can hardly control this hunger for ye. Will ye allow me to love you, Jenna?”

“Hunger?” she asked breathlessly, as though his words weren’t fully registering. Again the knee stopped, this time falling wide.

“Aye, hunger. I’ve thought of nothing else since I first set my eyes upon ye.” Ascending now, he kissed the place above her knee, relishing the heat of her on his lips. Kissing her smooth inner thigh, he murmured against her flesh, “Will ye allow this starving man—” he kissed the velvet between, “—to bring ye pleasure?” He kissed again firmly this time. Tasting how ready she was on his lips, he licked them before asking, “Please say yes, Jenna. Please.” When she didn’t answer, he raised his head and blinked in stunned disbelief. Jenna MacLeod was out cold.

The moment popping like a soap bubble, Alex broke into a hearty laugh and rose. His arousal quickly faded but not his desire, and it left him with an odd ache in his chest. Drinking in the tousled beauty on his bed, he told her regretfully. “Ah, my love, I warned ye the scotch was too strong.” 

A thought took him then and he frowned. He hoped it wasn’t the scotch that made her want his lovemaking. He’d hate to see the sharp-tongued witch return.

"Ms. Anderson's style is poetic and visual."
- A Reader


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  1. Very hot....poor guy though. I'm sure he'll make up for it when she awakes up.


  2. He might be in trouble if he's the one that gave her the Scotch.

  3. Poor thing! she got wildlife drunk! But the punishment was more than fair:)