Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sexy Snippets

It's Sunday and time for Sexy Snippets. Participants post just seven sentences to capture the imagination. Today I'm offering a small sampling from Dreamscape ~ a reader-interactive Victorian/contemporary romance.

Setting the Stage~
Jason sits on Lanie's bed contemplating the lovely woman who now lives in his home. As a ghost he knows his touch has no substance, but he surrenders to a sudden desire to touch her and surprises himself in more ways that one.

My Seven:
Against his better judgment, he reached out and touched her hip. Unbelievably, he found her silky soft and very warm. His hand glided up her bare leg. It had been ages since he’d touched anything warm, and frankly he was surprised that he could, for he never could touch Margaret --not even on the night she passed when he tried to hold her hand to bring her comfort. With his hand upon her, he stared at Lanie a long while, deliberating. Being able to touch her like this was akin to being alive again, but he didn’t dismiss the fact the act also made him a cad. Replacing that uncomfortable thought with another, he wondered if his touch might affect her as it was most certainly affecting him.

Here's the story

About this book: Written in homage to Agatha Christie, Dreamscape is a haunting, a murder, a mystery, a time travel of sorts, and a scorching love story that transcends time. It's also a reader's Easter egg hunt. Peppered throughout are hints suggesting a story behind the scenes. Finding them isn't necessary to the telling of the tale, just a fun twist in my writing.  :)


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  1. Lovely snippet, Rose. You really convey his wonder at the ability to touch here :-)

  2. I love this story as it is evolving in front of me. I want to read it. You have captured the isolation and longing of those who desire to live just a little longer. Beautiful.