Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesdays

It's Wednesday and I'm participating in Paranormal Love Wednesdays. This is a new mini blog hop for me and it looks like fun. Link to participants. Today I'm offering the introduction from my legend-inspired paranormal romance ~ The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo  

The True Beginning

Ten years ago, a reporter for a small-town newspaper heard word of strange dawn and dusk sightings of a wolf-like creature roaming the Wisconsin countryside. Her investigation revealed the local police officials had initially taken these calls lightly, but this had changed when calls began coming from upstanding citizens.

Authorities had determined what these eyewitnesses had actually seen was a lone wolf broken off from a pack running in the wilds of northern Wisconsin. Young male wolves seeking to start a new pack are known to strike off on their own. Leaving the vast stretches of wooded landscape, they might travel one hundred miles in a day. It seemed likely. However, the witnesses were adamant that what they’d seen had been no ordinary wolf. This wolf walked like a man.

Intrigued, the reporter collected the stories. To her surprise, other witnesses came forward telling of sightings that they’d never reported. In fact, some eyewitness accounts had occurred more than seventy years prior, the details only whispered to relatives who were sworn to secrecy lest friends and neighbors think heavy drinking was involved. These stories she also collected, for she knew hushed secrecy was not a direction fame-seekers usually take.

More curious now, the reporter deepened her investigation and uncovered another bizarre detail: the sightings were mentioned in ancient oral traditions of the Native Americans in the region. In those tales, dog men or witchy wolves looked after burial mounds in much the same way jackal-headed Anubis guarded the tombs of ancient Egypt. And even more bizarre, early French explorers knew of them too. They called these wolf-men the loup-garou. 

Discover the truth behind the fiction

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  1. I love the metamorphosis of the sighting of this mysterious creature into the plot of a book. Well done, Rose!

    1. Thank you, Jane. It's hard to imagine such a thing, but a wolf standing upright like a man in a local legend in my area. It just begged a larger story. :)