Sunday, February 1, 2015


Another Sunday and another Sexy Snippets! The idea is to post just seven sentences to capture the imagination. Today, I'm offering a small sampling from book 2 in my ongoing series ~ Loving Leonardo ~ The Quest.

Setting the Stage:
My trio travels to Paris to continue their quest. Nicolas takes a moment to appreciate his companions.

My Seven: 
Sure enough, Ellie handed over the hairbrush. I watched Luca work the boar bristles through the mass with a dreamy look on his face. How could such a simple thing make me stiff? I knew why. Whenever Luca touched Ellie’s hair, he transformed into a child with a new toy. From time to time he’d bite his lip in concentration or his tongue would poke out ever so slightly. In our moments of passion, he’d occasionally close his eyes and gather the silken mass in his hands and run the bounty over his bare chest or mine.


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  1. You took an average action and turned it to a hot scene in only 7 sentences. Well done!

    As a mod of weekend writing warriors I have to ask, did you mean to sign up for our list too? If so could you do a link back to our list? Thanks!

    1. I'm not understanding, Cindy. Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact there are two different posts for this story today? I have 7 sentences here for SexySnippets and 8 sentences for the WeekendWritingWarriors at my other blog. I always sign up for the WeekendWritingWarriors at TheAncillaryMuse. I cross promote both events. Hope that helped. :)

  2. Oh never mind. I clicked on one of your other links. I'll have them fix the link on our list to go to the right one. :)

  3. Lovely snippet. I'm of the belief personal grooming like hair brushing can tilt sensuality so it dips into a deep part of our beings as either groomer or groomed. I enjoyed this.

  4. Great snippet, Rose. There is something very sensuous about brushing someone's hair :-)