Saturday, May 2, 2015

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It's My Sexy Saturday! Participating authors post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. This time it's 7 paragraphs from Enchanted Skye ~A tale about an American on the run named Jenna who unwittingly unleashes an ancient charm and traps a Selkie unawares.   

Setting the Stage: 
In a calculation gone awry, Jenna is outside as the hurricane inches toward landfall. Luckily Alex found her.

My Seven: 
Alex’s keen Selkie hearing picked up a faint cry. Stumbling, he ran toward it with the horizontal wind buffeting him from the side.
  He found Jenna on her knees, struggling to stand, and gathered her into his arms. She wrapped around him as he helped her to her feet. Both tried to speak but their words blew away on the wind. It took everything he had, but he got them safely to the MacNeal house.
  He groped the lintel for the key, found it, then opened the door and shoved her inside. Putting all of his weight against the wind, he closed the door behind them.
  Jenna was bone weary, half-frozen, and soaked to the skin. Her chattering teeth bit her words. “Oh m-my god, am I glad t-to be out of—”
  “Ye could have died out there!” His accumulated fear for her getting the better of him, he’d spun around and grabbed her by the upper arms. Shaking her lightly, he admonished,  “What the hell were ye thinkin’ goin’ out in that?
  She tried to twist away from his grasp but too much energy had gone to fighting the storm.
  Alex recognized the fiery outrage growing in her eyes. It was the same look he’d seen the night when they were locked in his room. He dropped his hands and said, “Forgive me. Jesus Jenna, I was scared for you.”

"Ms. Anderson's style is poetic and visual."
- A Reader

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  1. This looks wonderful, Rose. So near to my heart as my husband is a MacLeod and Skye is so very precious to us. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday!

  2. Oooo, sounds like some one lost his cool for a second there. I'd do the same though.