Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mile High Sunday Hop #ScintillatingSunday

It's Sunday and I'm trying something new! This week I'm participating in the Mile High Sunday Hop. Authors post 8 paragraphs, 8 sentences, or 8 words. For me it's 8 paragraphs from The Leonardo Chronicles a bind-up of my award-winning, Victorian polyamorous series Loving Leonardo.

Setting the stage: At this point in the story Nicolas and Ellie have married and are on an ocean liner headed to Venice to save Da Vinci's book. Theirs is a marriage of convenience. Looks like that status is about to change...

She turned to me in surprise and our eyes met but no words were exchanged. I rose and stepped from the tub. Reaching a hand to her, I helped her out on the rug then took the Turkish towel and patted her dry with trembling hands. It was never the brandy that caused last night’s tremor. It was her.

I kissed her neck, sweeping my lips to her ear where a small gold-and-garnet bob dangled from a tiny hole. I took it between my teeth and lightly pulled, stretching the lobe as it followed. Releasing it, I traveled on to the line of her jaw. With her pulse against my lips, I could almost hear the blood as I passed over her jugular. My hands came around and swept across her pert high breasts and firm yet pliant nipples.

My cock found her as compelling as my mind did, for close as we were it sought familiar ground. I gripped myself with one hand and slowly dragged my spar along the split of her bottom as my other hand ran free upon her. 

She turned to me then, the look in her eyes possessing a heat I knew corresponded to my own. Meeting that gaze, I felt the shift inside me. Only suspecting this truth the day before, I knew with a certainty then and there that I wasn’t the homosexual I’d always thought myself to be. Like Lord Byron and Hans Christian Andersen, I was bisexual — an androgynous epicene who took delight in all. I was immersed in delight.

Taking her in my arms, I slid my cock between her sleek thighs and she tightened her legs around me, effectively trapping me along the warm furrow of her sex. The heat emanating there made me dizzy to discover it. I could do nothing else but press forward. Locked in this intimate
embrace, I bent my head to kiss her. I no sooner had my lips upon her when the first bell rang, signaling our fifteen minutes to dress for dinner. Her lust-dilated eyes became huge and her hands went to my chest as her upper body arched away from mine. “We have to dress!”

Reluctant to lose this moment of self-discovery, I drew her back and nuzzled the side of her neck. “Why?”

“For dinner.”

“You’re my dinner.” I drew her close once more and lightly bit her ear. She made a little noise halfway between a squeak and a gasp. It was adorable.


"Loving Leonardo is one of the most erotic and sensual books written. Rose Anderson uses words the same as DaVinci and the other masters mentioned in the book used paint, canvas, and marble. This is a work of art. I was enthralled from the beginning and hated the story to end."
~Two Lips Reviews

What's at the heart of this unusual love story?

My little dog watches TV.  She really does. Nothing makes the little couch potato's day better than a good cat food commercial she can growl at. Cute.

I don't normally listen to the low drone in the background. One day the midday news came on and it caught my attention. It was a full hour of  negative social commentary -- ugly things like bigotry and sexism, forced medical procedures on women, and sneers and jeers at education.. like bettering oneself was a bad thing. Each bit of the news got under my skin like it never had before. There was just. so. much. My generation fought for equality as did those who came before. But it's very true when you finally get some ground under your feet, it feels so good to stand on the accomplishment, the thought of keeping that ground gets smaller in one's mind.

That's where Ellie came from, the heroine in Loving Leonardo. My unusual love story began with this negative news show. The issues I was hearing were Suffragette issues, and you'd think 100+ years later, we wouldn't have to fight for the same ground we'd already won.

The straw that broke this camel's back that day was one about long-time lovers kept apart because they were the same gender. That particular story was heartbreaking. The men had been partners for decades, their love for one another clear in their long commitment. But now one man lay on his deathbed. The other was fighting the courts to be by his side, but both ran out of time. From this tragic story my writer's mind created Nicolas and Luca.

I've felt for a while that society is sliding backwards and there's no doubt the ugliness is spreading. What's one romance writer to do?

Counter with love, of course.

As if directed by some unseen hand, I walked away from the novel I was working on and stepped into the past. My Ellie is a Suffragette and she loves two well-educated men who happen to love each other too. Yes, Loving Leonardo has a message of tolerance. Aside from that, it's an exciting, sexy romp through Victorian Europe on a quest for a book written and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci for his homosexual lover Salai.

There are two books in the ongoing series and more to come. I invite you into the decadent Victorian world of Loving Leonardo and Loving Leonardo -The Quest. Discover both in The Leonardo Chronicles. Available for pre-order on Amazon and it costs less than buying separately!

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  1. Sumptuous and romantic. The best way to spend dinner. xo

  2. "You're my dinner..." FABULOUS. So sexy.

  3. Lovely and beautifully written, I have to fan myself.

  4. I read this book and LOVED it! Thank you for sharing this. It makes me want to read it all over again.