Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mile High Sunday Hop #ScintillatingSunday

It's Sunday and I'm trying something new! This week I'm participating in the Mile High Sunday Hop. Authors post 8 paragraphs, 8 sentences, or 8 words. For me it's 8 sentences from The Leonardo Chronicles ~ a bind-up of my award-winning, Victorian polyamorous series Loving Leonardo.

Setting the stage: Aboard a steamer bound for Venice and enjoying dinner with their companions, Nicolas and Ellie meet Luca. Conversation reveals their shared interest in Leonardo da Vinci. Among other things...

My 8~
Our Italian dinner companion reached for his glass, the action raising his cuff slightly. He had fine strong wrists, a jagged scar run up the side and I briefly wondered what he’d done to have gotten such a wound. Drawn to artistry as I was, bone structure often caught my eye when I looked at people and this wrist drew my attention. Michelangelo’s David came to mind — David with his corded forearms and finely-detailed hands slightly larger than they should be a hint to the size of the full erection the artist had in mind, were it made of flesh and not flaccid stone. I wondered who had been his model, for like his contemporary and rival da Vinci, he had a male muse among his models. Lost in thoughts of anatomy, I watched Luca raise his glass to his lips and licked my own before I was aware I’d done so.

He leveled me a snow-shadow glance over the rim of his wine glass, before saying, “If you have the inclination Sir Nicolas, I would enjoy conversing da Vinci’s life with a man of your knowledge and kindred interest.” Grinning, he lowered his voice conspiratorially as if he confessed to the others there, “You see, I’m considered quite the bore at home.”


"I don't normally like first person, but this book pulled me in from the start and wouldn't let go. It was beautifully written. Also, when it comes to erotic, I'm a graphic kind of girl with a sextreme rating. Loving Leonardo was neither really, and yet, hands down, it was the most erotic book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I loved the ending and the way it signaled to a sequel. I can't wait. Ms Anderson, please hurry up and write it. I'm first in the queue for a copy."
~Author Marie Jermy

What's at the heart of this unusual love story? 
Love knows no boundaries. Loving Leonardo has a message of tolerance between the lines. Aside from that, it's an exciting, sexy romp through Victorian Europe on a quest for a book written and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci for his homosexual lover Salai.

There are two books in the ongoing adventure series and more to come. I invite you into the decadent Victorian world of Loving Leonardo and adventure to come. Discover The Leonardo Chronicles. Available for pre-order on Amazon and it costs less than buying separately!

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  1. Looks great! A definite must read.

  2. I love this! Historicals that incorporate real people from history fascinate me.